Here at Deafinitely Inclusive, we are all about athletics. You are going to find information on a rangeof topics as they pertain to the athletic world. We wanted to start with the basics to give a clear understanding of what athletics really means and the important role it plays in the world.

This site will help you get more in tune with athletics, to learn what separates a good athlete from a great one. You will learn what makes sports great, what sports other people love and why. It is interesting to learn as to what many excellent and successful athletes have in common.

One topic within the athletics category that we thought would be of interest is the decision-making process when it comes to becoming involved in multiple sports or specializing in just one sport. There are pros and cons to both that we have touched on.

You will also find some information about the importance of sports tournaments and even some opinions as to which are the most favoured tournaments as they pertain to the different sports. We also felt it necessary to pay homage to the values and importance of the Paralympics. For betting enthusiasts, there are some great tips to be enjoyed here as well.

Even if you are not yet a sports enthusiast, hopefully after enjoying all of the content that we are offering you here it will turn you into one. The world of sports is full of enjoyment and once you become aware of this then you will most certainly view sports in a whole new light.