Everyone has their own favourite sport and have their own reasons for it. Often, we also have a favourite team that we root for and cheer on as loyal and committed fans. Here are some of the most commonly watched and followed sports:


There is no doubt that there are many avid hockey enthusiasts throughout the world both as players and as onlookers. There are a variety of teams, leagues and tournaments. One tournament that has made it to near top of the list for the favourite top five tournaments is the World Junior Hockey tournaments. This is played in different cities throughout the world and it is one that is packed with action and excitement. What makes it so impressive is that spectators get to see what the future may hold when it comes to professional hockey players making it big based on what the world Junior hockey players are doing by way of performance.


It would be unheard of not to include baseball tournaments as what is considered as one of the top five most loved tournaments. Breaking it down among all the different tournaments and series that are held in this sports the one that has gained great recognition among them all is the World Baseball Classic.


Rugby tournaments are well appreciated not only throughout the UK but in many other parts of the world and one that is often talked about as being favourites when it comes to the tournaments is the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens.


Again, a most beloved sport with non-stop tournaments on all different levels, and when it comes to the favoured tournament in this sports category it would be the NCAA March Madness.

Sport is always a matter of opinion and are often spoken of in subjective terms. Sports bring people together and develop communities across the world.