While there are a number of commonalities amongst athletes, one of these is the passion they possess for their chosen sport. Over and above this there are several other characteristics that they all possess.

Dealing with weaknesses

When talking to a group of athletes that excel at their given sports they will mostly all tell you that they focus on all areas of their mode of play. Meaning that they don’t just consider their strongest attributes, but that they also consider strengthening their weaknesses. This is one of the driving forces that make them successful at the sports that they play. This is because they have the ability to be able to identify these weaknesses and work on them.

Strive for growth

A common factor amongst athletes is that they often work on continuous improvement and self development. They never become complacent or content in the position they are in or the achievements that they have made. They are always setting up new goals for themselves and use this to spur them on to excel at what they do.

The proper approach

It is common knowledge that anyone involved in any type of sports activity that they go through the proper procedures for warming up. In many cases young or novice athletes or those that are not putting their full effort into their game play will tend to bypass this very first an important step. This is something that good athletes avoid. They all agree on the importance of the warm-up and ensure that this is not only part of their routine but that it is done effectively and properly.

Staying focused

It is easy for athletes to tend to become distracted. Those that are recognized for excelling in their sports activity have mastered the ability to be able to stay focused and avoid distraction.